Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Overheard: The Dog Edition

The following is a collection of conversations from over the last several months or more.  While these are not all of the conversations around here on the topic of dogs, all of these conversations do, indeed, involve dogs.


Grace [5 years old]: Mom! Look! It's the perfect dog! It likes staying inside, it likes children, and it likes smelling!

She was reading the pictorial key along the side of an entry in a dog book:  "Dog that should sleep indoors," "Gentle dog," and "Scenting hound."  Within seconds, however, she corrected herself.

Grace: Actually, the bulldog is the perfect dog.

Her daddy has trained her well...


Josiah [8 years old at the time, and completely serious with his question]:  Can we use Swag Bucks to get a dog?

Jason:  That would be Wag Bucks.

October 2010


Grace (5 years old) told her Gran'dad something that happened during our last homeschool play date (February 2012):

Grace [bubbling over with excitement, even while merely retelling the event]:  We got to play with a dog!  And it was a real, actual dog!

Yep, not one of those fake dogs.  (Grace just told me she meant that it wasn't a toy dog, but--hey--I'm the one writing this.)  The puppy belongs to one of the homeschool families, and I think the puppy loves being with all the kids as much as the kids love her.  

Pictorial proof that it was, in fact, a real (not fake) dog:

Grace (5), Josiah (9), and Rosebud the real dog


Anonymous said...

buy that baby a dog!! lol

Rodriguez Mom

Anonymous said...

Gooooo Dawwggsss

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