Saturday, January 28, 2012

More of North Carolina: The Museum of the Waxhaws

Here are more photos from our trip to Charlotte, North Carolina (November 2011).

We went to the Museum of the Waxhaws while we were in the area.  I wish we could have explored more of the outdoor exhibits, but it was rainy and we weren't feeling that adventurous, seeing as we were still in our church clothes for the most part.

Robert (14) sitting in a replica of a one-room schoolhouse...with his iPod.  Josiah (9) was momentarily appreciative of the relative comfort we enjoy in our kitchen table chairs during school...momentarily.

Disclaimer:  This next pose was completely voluntary...

As was this pose...

Grace (5) with the teacher's switch

The railroad that passes through Waxhaw, N.C.

The Waxhaw water tower

Here's Robert looking contemplative (and very, very tall) in the hotel.  Seriously, we could just get a hotel room and all three kids would be perfectly happy.  Jason?  No.  Me?  Probably not  (although eating out would help).  But the kids?  Yes.  Perfectly happy!

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