Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Works For Me Wednesday: Kitchen hint

I don't know about you, but I almost always buy the cheap trash bags without the bells and whistles...OK, without the drawstring or another feature that might help the trash bag stay in place around the top of the kitchen trash can. The thing I have found to help keep the trash bag from falling in (since these cheaper bags also tend to be shorter) is to keep a diaper wipes box in the bottom of the trash can.

The diaper wipes box supports the bottom of the (shorter) bag and also comes in handy as a place to store trash bags so they are conveniently placed and kept clean. I would recommend using a diaper wipes box with a solid lid (unlike the one in our trash can) so the clean bags would stay clean even if the trash bag in use should leak.

An added bonus? Since the box is supporting the bottom of the trash bag, it helps improve the accuracy of children who are being trained to take out the trash and haven't quite gotten the hang of securing all four corners. ;)

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Emily T. Thomas said...

that's one clean garbage can!! Sadly no more diaper wipe boxes around here, but I buy mid range bags, which are thin, but long enough!! nothing worse than a garbage bag leaking "juice" all over the floor as you're taking it out...

Damsel said...

My husband has decided that, since he's in charge of taking out the trash, he's also in charge of choosing the trash bags! We get Hefty ones, sort of mid-priced, I guess. Whatever they cost, it's worth it to not hear my husband grumble-mumble under his breath about them each time he takes out the trash. :)

We're looking forward to the day that we have a kid old enough to take the trash out! (Not long now!)

I came over from WFMW.

Bitterroot Mama said...

Interesting idea. Ours ends up leaking sometimes (coffee grounds, ahem), and I'm afraid it would leak all over those clean bags in the bottom. Maybe you have stronger bags than I do. Thanks for the tip!

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