Thursday, December 9, 2010

You Capture: Sweet

With this week's You Capture photography challenge of "sweet," you can bet I'm going to include a shot of my little girl sleeping so sweetly and so photogenically.

I can also tell you that Shirley was sweet to let Grace (4) decorate her silver Christmas tree by herself when we visited recently:

That's pretty much all the ornaments, all on a couple of branches. According to Grace, they are all friends and, therefore, they naturally want to stay together. Very close together...

And Josiah (8) is sweet to read to Grace (4)

lots and lots of books.

But looks are deceiving...because while this next shot looks sweet, it's not all that it seems.

It looks like all three of my children are enjoying a book together (if not enjoying getting their picture taken again). However, what is really going on is that Robert (13) is purposefully telling Josiah that he is mispronouncing the words...For instance, Josiah will read "joking" (correctly), and Robert will tell him it's pronounced "jocking" instead. That's Robert's sense of humor. And Josiah was sweet to put up with it.

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Kathleen said...

Laughing out loud at that Christmas tree branch!! :)

Nothing so sweet as a sleeping baby!

And I love your description of what is going on during that reading!

Danielle said...

Little Miss looks quite perturbed with her brothers! So funny.

She and her little cousin have gone to the same school of tree decorating. Our tree keeps getting redecorated.

Hug all of them for me!

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