Thursday, August 12, 2010

Overheard: Foot in mouth?

The kids and I were driving in the van this afternoon and a commercial for a hair removal procedure came on the radio. This is the conversation that followed.

Josiah [genuine disbelief]: Shaving your legs?!

Me: Yes, women shave their legs.

Josiah [still in shock]: But...why?

Me: Because if they didn't, their legs would be about as hairy as a man's legs, and most women don't want that.

Josiah: Oooohhh. So that's why kids like dads more than moms.

Me [waiting for it]: Really.

Josiah [confidently]: Yeah, 'cause dads are more furry...kinda like a pillow.

Me [totally ignoring the "furry/pillow" remark and helping him dig a deeper hole]: So, kids like the dads more than the moms?

Josiah: Sure, except for when the mom fixes a snack, or does something nice for us.

If you think about it--when he comes to mind--please pray for Josiah...he needs it.

Grace: Don't worry, Mom! I like you better than Dad!

So, yes, Grace needs your prayers, too.

Grace (17 months old) and Josiah (5 years old)
August 2007

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Unknown said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!! :D It made me smile--Amber already makes me laugh and I know when she's that age there will be even more hillariousness coming out of her mouth--like this!

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