Thursday, June 17, 2010

You Capture: Water

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When I saw this week's You Capture challenge was water, I knew it would be easy.

We were heading to a little vacation, and there was an aquarium as well as a water park involved. See? Easy!

Josiah (age 7) and Grace (age 4)

We saw this big boy at the Tennessee Aquarium, and he wasn't quite this blue in person.

Grace touched the teeth of a piranha that the aquarium displayed...and hammed it up for the camera. She doesn't even look like herself in this shot!

Josiah and Robert rode the bumper boats (separately...Robert was going to drive a go cart and changed his mind after Josiah rode. Just as well--I can't imagine what they would've done to each other if they had that chance.)

Robert (age 13)

But there was an option to attack by land. Josiah was all over that! Grace wanted to be in the action, too, but didn't want to get splashed.

We also went to a water park that was part of our hotel deal. I think that the next time we go, we may stay at a hotel that actually has a water park on its premises, so it won't be a one day deal.

Here Josiah and Grace got splashed

with the water from this huge bucket at the top of this shot.

And that's where I should have stopped taking photos. After that, it was too much water...I took these shots of Grace

and I was about to put my camera away when I got splashed by another (much smaller) overhead bucket. And my camera died.

I cried.

I took out the battery and the memory card, opened all of the little compartment doors I could, and left it in the little rental locker while we continued playing in the water and I tried not to think about my poor little camera.

That was a few days ago, and my camera still shows no signs of life. But today I read here about how rice may help dry it out completely. My camera is now sitting in a bag of rice; I'll let you know how it turns out. I'm hoping and praying the rice will do the trick. I figure its chances are at least 50/50, seeing as Josiah's MP3 player went through the entire cycle in the washing machine before being discovered, and it started working after being dead for 2 months. (And, yes, I know MP3 players and digital cameras are different...I'm just clinging to hope!!)


Anonymous said...

oh no! I had never heard of the rice trick so thank you for sharing in case it happens to us! I like your water shots!

Kathleen said...

I love the look on Grace's face touching those teeth!!

We love the TN Aquarium--actually prefer it over the GA Aquarium!

Chocolate Girl said...

Looks like everyone had fun!

Bec said...

My dad dropped my iPod in the toilet and it just randomly chose to come back, yet when I dropped my old digital camera in strawberry shortcake, it never came back. I've heard the rice trick works pretty well! I will pray for your camera.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Looks like fun. Sorry about the camera. --Sharron

Anonymous said...

It looks like fun, but YOUR CAMERA! I hope it all works out!!

Anonymous said...

I dropped my digital transference device on a outdoor grill, then threw water on it to put out the fire so I could retrieve it. It was so hot when I grabbed it though I instantly flung it out of my hands and into the neighbors pool. Our black Lab swam in and brought it back to me. 24 hours in a bucket of rice later - it was fine.

Rebekah said...

OH NO! I want to cry for you about the camera! I don't know what I'd do without mine.

At least you were able to get the pictures from it and I hope the rice works.

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