Saturday, April 24, 2010

Overheard: What I Learned This Week

I'm joining Julie at From Inmates to Playdates for What I Learned This Week, which I haven't participated in in a while...not because I haven't been learning anything, but because I've busy learning how to set up and facilitate a Facebook group for our women's ministry, and then having guilt over not posting frequently to it to keep the chatter momentum going. And it's only been up for less than a week now...

I think I have a lot more guilt in my future.
But on with what (else) I learned this week.


There is
a song in a ministry video Jason found that the kids have loved to see over and over...and over...again that is to the tune of the "Boom de yada" song. It's called "I Love My Church," and Josiah and Grace have been singing the words they've memorized (or almost memorized) for days now. Grace still occasionally forgets the words:

Josiah [correcting Grace's misunderstanding of the lyrics]: No, Grace. It's "I'm part of something big." Ya see, it's a big church and if you mess up, everybody's gonna know about it.

Well, I really wish I hadn't learned that.


I learned that Grace will eat bats. Not that she has actually eaten bats, but she's not against the idea. Jason gave me a case of dark chocolate bars (with cacao "nibs") that he bought online, and they have a photo of a beady-eyed bat on the wrapper because the sale of the chocolate bars support endangered species. We've been calling them bat chocolate, because...well, why not? These are actual conversations I've had with Grace about the bat chocolate, who has been made to believe thinks these bars have a bat on the wrapper because that's what they're made with:

Me [gesturing to the bat on the wrapper]: Isn't this a cute bat, Grace?

Grace [ever mindful of the importance of tact, and not wanting to be rude and say that the bat is ugly and has beady eyes like her mother will]:'s a yummy bat.

Me [slightly shocked but laughing]: Doesn't it bother you that you're eating a bat?

Grace [coolly]: No, it doesn't matter to me.



I learned that Robert will still draw humorous additions to his school work...The question was "Which continent does the North Sea touch?"


I learned that if you eat dark chocolate and then soon after that eat a lemon Starburst, you will have a taste like lemon-scented cleaner in your mouth. It's going to be a while before I can eat lemon Starbursts again...


On Sunday, as some ladies were setting up tables and tablecloths in preparation for a bridal shower, they noticed stains on the white tablecloths. Our friend Steve said that what they needed to do was to spread flower petals or something else on the table; this would create "texture" and draw the eyes away from the flaws on the tablecloths.

So that's what I'm calling the clutter in my house now: texture.

And that's what I learned this week. Click over to see what others have learned this week, too!

If you are on Facebook, be sure to read what I've written about what I've learned (so far), especially if you use the "Friends of Friends" privacy setting. I also tell how you can easily clean up your home page by "hiding" the apps like Farmville, etc.


Julie From Inmates said...

Bats. Ewwww.. =(

Oh, and also I like the whole idea of texture. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Bat chocolate, bridal showers and Boom de yada - quite a learning experience.

Unknown said...

Bat chocolate - bleugh!

Kathleen said...

So you may have gleaned from reading my blog that Hubby and I grew up as missionary kids in Africa, right? Well, it just so happens that Hubby and his little African friends used to shoot bats out of trees, and because nothing goes to waste there, they would fry them up and eat them. He says they taste kind of peppery.

I LOVE the North Sea drawing...complete with the Italy boot!! And "touchy"...that's a keeper piece of art for sure!

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