Saturday, April 10, 2010

Overheard: Van Love

A conversation as we returned from looking at a minivan...

Josiah [looking out the car window and contemplating my many allergies ]: Mom, you should live in Saudi Arabia! There's not much grass and trees there.

Grace [truly horrified and more than a little tearful]: NO! I don't want you to go to Saubi Arabia!

Josiah [in his matter-of-fact, big-brother-explains-it-all voice]: We weren't really gonna send Mom there--I was just sayin' that 'cause she has allergies.


After we bought our new van, Josiah rode with Jason. He talked non-stop, and as I drove behind them I could see his arms going up and out as he checked out everything he could reach from the back seat. He didn't stop talking once he got out of the van, either...

Josiah: This is the BEST DAY EVER!! I got to play outside all day long, we got a van, and we ate at Stevi B's for supper!!

This is the same kid who, when he was about 3 years old, said, "Yay! Water!" when the waiter brought him the water we had ordered for him. If you guessed he has had a number of "BEST DAYS EVER," you are correct. ;)


The next morning, Josiah got an early start to the continuous van talk. This is what he said before he even said, "Good morning" to me:

Josiah: We have room for TWO MORE KIDS now...Hey, Mom! We could have twins!

And this was followed immediately by:

Josiah: What kind of car do people have if they have TEN kids? [He doesn't even a pause for anyone to answer, and continues, with total sincerity] I'm thinkin' a limo.

Robert apparently overheard this one-sided conversation and, as he came into our room to join everyone piled on mom and dad's bed, he said,
"No twins."


Isn't she lovely?

Her name is Bill, which comes from the combination of letters on the tag. And, yes, I know you're supposed to name vehicles with women's names, and this qualifies: My paternal grandmother was the youngest of 8 children, and her daddy really wanted the last child to be a he nicknamed her "Bill." The nickname stuck--I can't remember a time my grandfather ever called her anything but Bill. :)


Anonymous said...

Bill is lovely - maybe she will one day have a husband named Ed who happens to be a red 350Z

Dawn Camp said...

Congratulations! I understand why the kiddos are excited. :-)

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