Friday, February 5, 2010

An unintentional blogging break

It's been a wild several weeks. A quick recap for you...On Thursday, the day we were expecting the "big snow" (ha), I took Robert to the doctor for an ear infection and pink eye. eye. (For the record, it was the first time in several years that Robert had been to the doctor for anything but a well visit. And it was our first experience with pink eye with the kids. I guess that's why he got hit with a double whammy.) Before we left the exam room, the pediatrician poked her head back in the room and said, "Oh, and if the other kids get pink eye, go ahead and start them on the eye drops, too, and just call on Monday for a refill."

She sounded so casual about it. I knew what that meant...

As we were driving home from the doctor's office, it started snowing! It looked promising for a little while, and Josiah and Grace were very excited to start playing in the snow as it fell in beautiful, gigantic flakes. In the next photos, you can see a few white blobs of snow falling:

If you look closely in the next photo, Grace has a white blob of a snowflake as a nose. Josiah had already given up on the playing in the snow thing because, quite frankly, it was merely cold and no fun at all, so Grace was left to play outside by herself. (I was taking these photos from the door because, hello, it was COLD and I'm no longer impervious to the cold weather like my daughter.)

It only snowed briefly that evening, and this is all we got:

That night, Grace had pink eye. Yay...

And the next morning, we didn't even have snow to play in. It was the non-snow event that I'm convinced was promoted only to boost sales of milk and bread. A conspiracy, really. See?

Robert and Grace soon had clear eyes with no signs of pink eye (or "The Pink Eye," as Josiah was calling it). And it really looked like Josiah had successfully avoided "The Pink Eye."

Or so we thought.

Sunday night, Josiah started with signs of (the) pink eye. Ugh. I practically had an assembly line going with the eye drops, and by Monday morning we were completely out and calling the terribly swamped pediatrician's office for refills so I could continue the assembly line. Yay...

By Friday, I was at my own doctor's office for a sinus infection. The upside of it? It was first illness-related doctor visit in, oh, about four years, so I figure I can't complain too much. And I made the physician's assistant laugh when I ranted about the new albuterol inhalers--how it's really the asthmatics causing the depletion of the ozone layer, and that's why they had to change the inhalers to the new, seemingly ineffective CFC-free ones.

I'm easily entertained, and so is the P.A. He even made up a bumper sticker about it.

The P.A. was impressed that I had managed to avoid getting The Pink Eye. I took large doses of vitamin C all week, so that helped...but I have since found out that it may have also caused the low blood pressure I had the day of my office visit. Oh, the look on the nurse's face as she finished taking my BP! She looked shocked and, nearly whispering, said, "Your blood pressure is 90/50!" Well, that explains my lack of energy and how I could barely hold a thought in my head...

Yes, I do tend to be on the low end of things with my blood pressure, and I was, after all, sick.

Yes, I've quit taking so much vitamin C.

And, yes, I am feeling completely better.

I just can't seem to get back in the swing of the blogging thing since early January. But I will try harder now, OK? :) I hope you have a great weekend!


Kathleen said...

Oh my goodness, but you have been busy!! Just your assembly line is enough to keep you busy, not to mention being sick yourself! I hope everyone is healed of the The Pink Eye and that you're 100%!

90/50 is normal for me! It went down to 70/40 when I was pg. No doctor has ever made a big deal about it, although I often wonder if that is why I lack energy and get dizzy. Maybe I should go to your doctor so I can be fixed!

Kathleen said...

Oh, and so funny about the conspiracy! I think you're right--those bread and milk manufactures get together about this time of year and say, "Hey, time to hit Georgia hard!"

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