Saturday, November 28, 2009

Overhead: The Food Edition

When we went to Savannah for my cousin’s wedding last month, Jason and I drove past a Chuck E. Cheese on the way to the rehearsal. Knowing we would pass by the dreaded mouse house many, many times during the next two days, we devised a plan…

Every single time we approached that area, Jason and I would take turns saying things like this with as much excitement and enthusiasm as we could muster while pointing to the opposite side of the road:

“Look! It’s a Bennigan’s! Athens used to have a Bennigan’s, but it closed down years ago! I haven’t been to a Bennigan’s in so long! It was pretty good, from what I remember!”

Really, we gushed and babbled so excitedly about Bennigan’s, I was sure the kids would catch on, perhaps during an especially dramatic roll of the eyes--but it worked, even with all of the groans from the back seat with every comment we made. And Jason and I secretly high-fived each other with every pass along that route even as the boys wondered if we'd lost our minds.

We never ate at that Bennigan’s while we were in Savannah (for obvious reasons), but we did eat lunch at one on the way back home. As we were leaving, Robert said, “I don’t know what you loved so much about that place. It wasn't that great.”

See? No clue. And, for those of you who know our family in real life, let's keep it that way!


Josiah: I think better when I eat.

Good thing he wants to eat all the time, huh?


Each of the kids put in their 2 cents about where they wanted to eat one day, which is interesting because that’s about as much as they could have contributed to paying for the meal…Anyway, Grace really, really wanted what she calls a “chicken burger”--the little chicken sandwich from Wendy’s. I told her we weren’t that close to Wendy’s, so that wasn’t an option, but she could still get a burger (which she normally loves). Her response?

Grace [cheerfully]: OK…I’ll just pretend it’s a chicken burger!

OK, and I’ll just pretend you’re always that easy to please.


Me: Come on to the table--it’s time to eat.

Josiah: "Eat"…I love that word…


Josiah: Now I feel like a real man!

Robert [laughing]: How does this make you feel like a real man?!? You’re drinking hot chocolate out of a little cup with a smiling snowman on it, with miniature marshmallows!!

There's nothing like a big brother to burst your bubble.

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Dawn Camp said...

Congratulations on your successful avoidance of Chuck E. Cheese. :-)

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