Thursday, February 19, 2009


Grace [after doing something I had JUST asked her not to do]: Itsa good ting I so cute!

Translation: "It's a good thing I'm so cute." Ummm, yeah. She may have heard that a time or two.

Me: I think she's trying to get on the blog!

Robert: In your world, everyone's trying to get on the blog. That's just usually not the case.


Josiah: “Is the price high?” Hey, yesterday I was on Lesson 99, and today I am on Lesson 100! “Yes, the price is very high.” Why did they say that?

Me: Those two sentences went together--“Is the price high?” and then the answer, “Yes, the price is very high.”

Josiah: Ohhhh. It’s probably about a car. “The fire is bright.” Hey, Grace! I can read “fire”!

Josiah is doing very well with phonics, despite appearances with this entirely typical lesson. I am constantly amazed, although, really, I shouldn't be. He is a very bright child--if you tell him any story, he will remember not only the story, but also details...many, many details. And it's pretty cool to watch him while he is doing a phonics lesson. He will look up, mouth the word(s), and stare off for a second or two as he hangs this new piece of information on a mental "hook."

And then he may or may not start talking about something that seems entirely unrelated...


Kathleen [in an email I received this afternoon]: We walked where Jesus walked -- sometimes a fast walk!! And we got really sprayed on our boat ride today!!

Now how many people can say that?!? Among many other things, Dad and Kathleen took a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee today.


Robert [teasing]: It's a good thing you're so cute!

Grace: No, it's not!

Robert insisted that I add "teasing" to that remark.


Josiah: Knock knock.

Me: Who's there?

Josiah: Haven't you.

Me: Haven't you who?

Robert: Haven't you heard enough knock knock jokes?

Josiah: Yeah.

A hijacked knock knock joke. That's what big brothers are for...


Robert [listening to his MP3 player]: Oh, I missed my favorite part...

Me: What's your favorite part?

Robert: "If it's getting cold, reheat it."

The song? "Eat It." Who else besides me thinks it's odd to have your children listening to Weird Al after all of these years?


Robert [stalling at bedtime]: Hey, Grace! I have something to tell you! [She stops; he whispers in her ear] Eat it!

Grace [perplexed and holding a toy dog]: Eat the dog?


Y'all, I think this one's my favorite...

Josiah [Dropping a handful of rags into the overflowing rag basket in the laundry room]: Could you puh-leese wash some laundry today?

This coming from the child who had just finished scrubbing mud he had tracked in--again--off the kitchen floor...the same child who changes clothes multiple times each day because of the multiple times he gets filthy outside...

It's a good thing he's so cute! ;)


Anonymous said...

trying to make the blog... I love it!! I tell people all the time anything they say can and may end up on my blog. =)

Anonymous said...

Kids: crazy, interesting, blog fodder. :-)

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