Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And to think I almost missed him...

I have been in a complete fog for the last couple of weeks, partly due to this. Well...today, I thought, "I'll call my Dad before he and Kathleen (a.k.a, Grammy K and Mary Ingalls) leave for their big trip to Israel and Egypt!"

Now, that's a big trip.

So, after getting Jason and the kids out the door for Josiah's basketball practice tonight, I finally dialed the numbers and reached Dad on his cell phone.

They were on the bus on the way to the airport with the group they would be touring with. On the bus.

I had printed out the itinerary that Kathleen had sent, had it sitting on my kitchen counter...and it wasn't even buried by a stack of papers. Me, with all of my fogginess, had the wrong departure date in mind, and I came thisclose to missing talking with my Dad before this big trip.

During the conversation, he mentioned how he was saying goodbye to his buddies at the "Y" and saying how he would miss them. One of them offered, "And I'll bet you'll miss the water, too," referring to swimming. My Dad replied, "Oh, I hope I miss the water! That's a lot of water we'll be over for a long time."

When they come to mind, please pray for my Dad and Kathleen. I can't wait to hear all about this fantastic trip, but I will also feel better when they are safely back home again! :) Thank you!

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Dannielle said...

Know that you and your family... ALL of them (your dad and grammy K) included, are in our prayers.

I will specifically pray for their travelling mercies.

Let me know how the trip goes. I'm jealous!

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