Monday, February 2, 2009


Robert: What's "oregano"?

Me: It's a spice. We use it in spaghetti sauce, pizza, things like that.

Robert: Oh. Sounds like the name of a cat.

There you go, if you're needing to name a cat anytime soon...


Andrew [a three year old friend]: Where's Mr. (insert our last name here)?

Grace: My daddy's name is DAY-SON.

Well, that clears things up. She's big on enunciation; not quite there on pronunciation, though.


Me [to Jason]: What I'd like to know is what exactly could you be dreaming about to wake up with the song "American Pie" in your head?

Because I really can't remember my dream, and I bet it's been 10-15 years since I last heard the song. I almost always wake up with a song playing in my head, even in the middle of the night. The only time this is bad is when I don't know the lyrics.


Grace: I'm too full. I can't finish my burger.

Me: Then you won't get any of the fries I saved for you.

Grace: Do you know what "full" means? It means I'm gonna eat the rest of my burger!

And she did.


Emily [whispering into Jason's ear]: Grace needs some ice cream.

Jason: Grace needs water to go to sleep?

Grace [flustered]: No!!!

Emily [whispering into Jason's ear]: Grace needs some ice cream.

In case you have forgotten or didn't know, this is Emily...getting her diaper changed by Grace. Emily's clothes are sewn on at the neck because I don't have the patience Grace would take them off 5 or 50 times a day.

And, no, Grace didn't get any ice cream, despite her baby's attempts on her behalf.


Robert: I can't wait to see this! The Lake of Death froze!

Seconds before on this cold morning, Josiah had run into the house with the news that the "Lake of Death" (a.k.a., his sand box filled with water) had frozen over. This is where they drown the poor sock puppets before burying them.


Grace was running back and forth in the kitchen while we had this rather one-sided conversation:

Grace: You "Ma."

Grace: Daddy's "Pa."

Grace: I "Laura." [pronounced "LAW-ra"]

Grace: Ya know who's my sista Mary? [pronounced "MAY-ree"]

Me: No, I don't. Who's your sister Mary? [I know better than to remind her that she has two brothers...]

Grace: Miss Kathleen! [pronounced "Kaff-a-leen"...a.k.a. Grammy K]

...Because Grace doesn't merely have books read to her; rather, she absorbs them. Her most recent obsession has been a Little House in the Big Woods storybook where Laura got her rag doll Charlotte for Christmas. She has been officially introduced to Laura Ingalls Wilder and she's not even three years old yet! Oh, and if you read a book to her, you must read all of the pages...including the dedications. She will fuss at you if you try to skip it--just ask Robert!


Me: Where are the cookies? Because if I am going to feel this bad, I'm at least going to have chocolatey breath.

Jason: Now, I think that is blog-worthy!

I was sick with a cold but am feeling much better now--thanks for asking.

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Dannielle said...

Here, Here to chocolately breath! :::toasting with my own oreo:::

Your "overheard" posts I think are my favorite!

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