Tuesday, November 25, 2008


During a lesson on chess, Jason explains that the king moves very slowly--just one square at a time. Josiah immediately comes up with the reason: "It's because his armor is very heavy...and he doesn't want his crown to fall off."

Grace was sitting at the table during the lesson/game of chess, seemingly hanging onto every word. I asked her if she was going to learn how to play chess, and she answered, "Yes, when I turning 5."


Grace, seeing a political ad on TV, points and excitedly says, "Bakamama!" One more example of Obama's celebrity status? I don't know. I think maybe our two year old knows the name "Barack Obama" because Josiah enjoys doing an impression of him now and then...but I really don't know how she actually recogizes him in a photo shown briefly on TV.


Grace: "I wanta kowawa."

Josiah [confused]: "You want a koala?"

Grace [thinking she's enunciating by speaking louder]: "No! I wanta KO-WAH-WAH." (She wanted cold water.)


Robert: "Hey, Mom! I found Josiah's favorite book of the Bible...Lamentations!" [laughter]


Jason: "Wait a minute...You mean that the telemarketer gets on the blog, but your husband who says clever and witty things all the time doesn't?"


Anonymous said...

It seems alot of 2 year olds recognize ba rak o bama. I know they do at this house. he he

Donna's house of 7

Life with Kaishon said...

What a nice family! So cute! I saw your comment over at TuTu blog and I came over to say hi. Happy thanksgiving tomorrow. God bless.

TuTu's Bliss said...

Cute blog name, fun family stories!!

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