Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Update on Grace

I was sooo hoping to tell y'all that Grace was just fine and it was all over. Jason had taken the boys to church tonight and I was feeling a little silly for keeping Grace home. After all, she seemed fine, aside from not wanting to eat all day, and it had been over 24 hours since her last "incident."

Then she asked for a few graham crackers.

Shortly after her little snack (probably the only solid food she'd eaten all day), I was getting her ready for bed and suddenly she started whimpering and crying out. All day I'd been pestering her every single time she made a noise--"Does your belly hurt?"--because I wanted to get her off of carpet in time. And this time she nodded. I ran across the room with her in my arms and made it to the bathroom just in time.

That was a good thing and a bad thing. Good thing: easy clean up. Bad thing: the little girl who hates being messy saw all of the messiness, and it only upset her even more.

(Last night, she happened to be in the bathroom when she threw up. She looked down in horror, shrieked "MESSY!" and ran out of the bathroom to throw up some more on the bedroom floor. She really doesn't like "messy.")

I was trying to be cheerful with her (and to keep her from looking at herself in the mirror) and said in a joking way, "It seems like you just wanted another bath." She looked at me sadly and said, "Yes! Messy!!"

The magical pill is doin' its thing, and hopefully she will sleep better tonight. And hopefully we won't even have to use the magical pill tomorrow, 'cause it's our last one.

Trying to look on the brighter side of things...all of these baths are giving me more opportunities to see freshly washed, sweet baby toes on the bath mat.

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Anonymous said...

I just adore "sweet,baby feet"

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