Thursday, November 13, 2008

Grace's tidbits

Grace was standing in front of the refrigerator asking for a piece of cheese. (She likes to eat American cheese slices by themselves. Ewww...) She had just finished supper, so I asked her why she wanted the cheese.

Her answer? "'Cause my leg hurt. Cheese will make it better."

Really? Because I thought it was bandaids that will make it all better, judging by the number of bandaids this little girl can go through in a week for a multitude of real and imagined boo boos.

Grace came in from the back yard, crying and holding out her finger.

"My fin-gur hurt, Mommy!"

"Why does your finger hurt?"

"'Cause I put it in some durt."

"Why did you put your finger in dirt?"

"'Cause der was ants in it."

She is Josiah's sister...That is his kind of "logical" explanation!

Grace climbed into our bed last night because she really didn't want to sleep in her "kib." She pulled the sheets up to her chin and without skipping a beat she asked me, "Mommy, can you turn the light off, please?" Too bad--she lost that struggle! She slept in her crib. But first I took a picture, of course.

She doesn't look a bit sleepy, does she?

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