Sunday, November 9, 2008

The littlest Grandma

Ever since Grace fell in love with one of the "Little Critters" books about going to the beach with Grandma, she has created a new persona in her pretend play. "Gan-ma" is how she says "Grandma," and when she pretends to be Ganma, she answers to nothing else.
Last night, Ganma came and stayed for a while, taking excellent care of me because she apparently thought I needed medicine. Lots of medicine. Lots of invisible medicine dispensed from her play dishes and cups. She keeps all of her medicine beside the TV...where she also says she has a microwave, a dishwasher, and even a drink dispenser that serves everything from sweet tea to Diet Coke.
I believe I like her kitchen better than mine.

This Ganma is strict. She told me that if I didn't listen to Ganma, I wasn't going to get any more medicine. She even wagged her finger at me! And she stayed so tickled at herself that it was hard to even pretend to take her seriously.

Tonight I took this picture of Grace begging for medicine with a completely unconvincing, " belly hurts." What a bummer when you are completely well again and can't get your mom to give you any yummy medicine, huh?

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