Monday, December 22, 2008

Overheard: The December Edition

Josiah: Did you hear me singing in the bathroom?! I was singing and brushing my teeth at the same time!

Me: Then you weren't brushing very well.

Josiah [with that all-knowing look on his face]: Oh, I know how to brush and sing at the same time. You brush where you aren't moving very much.


His strange technique (plus our vigilance) must pay off--he got a very good report from the dentist this month!


Grace [mad at me]: Well, I'm not playing any games with you anymore!


Grace [stalling at bedtime]: But, Momma, I need some medicine to make muh feet feel better...da kind dat tastes beary good. It's pink and has a gull [girl] playin' wid a ball on it.

Now she has allergy medicine bottles memorized?


Grace [mad about being put to bed without getting the medicine she make her feet feel better]: Then I take my socks off!

Me [unconcerned]: OK. Take off your socks.

Grace [now shocked and appalled at the suggestion]: But my toes will get beary cold!


Robert [completing a grammar assignment that required him to write an interrogatory sentence]: Why do I have to do this boring grammar stuff?

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