Sunday, October 20, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It's time for Scavenger Hunt Sunday, which has become a sort of "our week in photos" for me.

Watching and Leafy

These first two shots were taken a couple of weeks ago, when Jason found a leaf insect.  I don't freak out about bugs, but I still think it's a little freaky when you can see them watching you (praying mantises in particular).   I didn't know this leafy guy was watching me until I edited the photos.

I also didn't know he was grazing on our towel...

If looking at bugs is too creepy for you, here's another leafy shot.  This tree grows in a nearby store parking lot, and the leaves look like brightly colored feathers once they start changing color in the fall.  (As you can see, things are still very green around here in this part of Georgia.)


We still have some cosmos growing in our yard.  I believe this is the latest we've ever had them.  Grace picked some to put in my little vase at the kitchen window.

A Good Day

Friday was a good day for the kids to play with friends at the park...

Grace (7), ever stylish in her dress, capris, and boots...with a cheerleader bear tagging along on for a ride down the slide.

and a good day to go with my husband to have supper with some friends in a nearby downtown area.

First World Problem

Oh, first world problems.  We love to complain, don't we?  Whether it's about missing the otherwise lovely shot because of aircraft trails marring the blue sky (like in the photo above), or about dealing with traffic, 

or about clutter,

or about being cold (you know, while in a climate-controlled building and while wearing weather-appropriate clothing).

Grace huddled in a chair for warmth  ;)

And all of our complaining about first world problems is going on while most of the world lives very these girls...

This is the time of year when we can give a simple gift...the gift of a shoebox full of goodies...that can go halfway around the world to brighten a child's life and let him know that someone loves him, and that God loves him.

Click over to the Samaritan's Purse/Operation Christmas Child website to learn more.  You can donate online whether or not you put together a shoebox, and you can even print a tag to put on your shoebox that will let you follow where your shoebox goes.  The deadline for the national collection week is November 18-25, and you can find some drop-off locations on the website.

Click on the link below to see others' photographs or to join in on the fun!  


Ida said...

Very nice set.
That bug was actually pretty cool looking, it did look like a leaf.
Pretty Cosmo's. We still have some flowers blooming here as it hasn't frosted yet.
Glad you had a nice time out with your hubby.

Unknown said...

that's really true!!! :).

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