Thursday, October 30, 2008

Skateboard Hockey? Really??

The latest game this week is skateboard hockey. The tools? Skateboards for Robert and Josiah, a broom, a rake, and smashed, empty Diet Coke cans that serve as the hockey pucks. Add a sloped driveway, and you have skateboard hockey.

Oh, yeah--and a mother wincing at every yell, making sure it is just from excitement and not from an injury.

Somehow one of those Diet Coke cans ended up on the roof. I think I see a pattern here...

Oh, and Josiah's lofty goal of behaving? He didn't make it. He was missing this afternoon for a few heartstopping minutes, only to be found three houses down the street. At a yard sale. Shopping.

After getting in trouble and then being told to pick up all of the Diet Coke can hockey pucks out of the front yard, he went right back to the yard sale again. Perhaps I should have reminded him of his vow to behave...

He had his eye on a fancy car track that was $8, but instead bought a Mickey Mouse umbrella for 50 cents after he remembered that he doesn't have $8.

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