Sunday, May 26, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It's been a while since I participated in Scavenger Hunt Sunday, but I decided to jump back in this week.  This week's items were
  • Vacation
  • Food(s)
  • Sound
  • Texture
  • Anything


...Vacation Bible School, that is!  How great are these decorations?!


A graduation party...


This sweet girl giggles nearly all day long...

Grace (7) playing at the park



Hmmm...How about a petite, seven year old ninja?

That's our puppy Bono in the corner behind Grace.  She was trying to blend in with her surroundings.

Click on the link below to see others' photographs or to join in on the fun!  Next week, it's Photographer's Choice.


tiarastantrums said...

never a stalker!! It seems like yesterday that I began my homeschool journey and now we are heading into our 4th year! My son is skipping 6th grade next year - so I think we've done well! Love your texture shot!

Leave It To Davis said...

Great job! I would never have thought of "vacation" Bible school, even though I went every year as a child! You've got your thinking cap on! Love the pictures of the little girl....both are so sweet...and just the corner of the graduation cake....perfect...after all, everybody wants that corner piece...has more frosting!

Ida said...

Fun set. I especially enjoyed your Sound shot and the Texture shot.

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